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A new Bookie, plus UK Horseracing Bettors Forum

Discussion in 'Betting Talk' started by ONEDUNME, Sep 8, 2016.


    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Anyone heard of a "new" bookie called Blacktype? I confess I hadn't until watching RacingUK and an article on UK horseracing bettors forum (something else I hadn't heard of until today). The UKHBF (see UKHBF.com) are basically (it seems to me) a bunch of angry punters who are fed up with bookies restricting their bets and closing their accounts and have somehow persuaded the BHA to allow them to officially discuss issues with them as representatives of you, me and the rest of the gambling public. They have no power other than the power of persuasion and therefore have absolutely nothing in their hands with which to force the bookies to bend to their will. Despite that, two of their objectives/demands are that bookies should only be granted a licence on the proviso that they do not restrict/close accounts and that they guarantee to lay a bet up to a certain amount for every punter. They have absolutely zero chance of achieving either.

    On (potentially) the upside, there is a new bookie called Blacktype, who promise (and this is on their website) that everyone can bet to win at least £500 at all meetings and not run the risk of being restricted or banned (with the one proviso that there is a three strike and your out policy on those backing to lay -arbing- although how they would know that, I don't know.

    In order to enable them to provide that service, they won't be offering BOG or other promo's but if your main concern is the restricting or closure of your accounts then this may well be worth a look.

    I'd be interested in any views on this. Particularly in terms of whether this is too good to be true and whether this approach is sustainable (or are they likely to go bang and take my money with them?)

    I had a look at the prices on the last couple of races at Kempton last night and the prices looked competitive, although I notice that there were no early prices up for today's races (there are now) and maybe that's an issue for some.

    They offer a thing called unique show prices

    What are 'Unique Show Prices?'
    Once the opening show comes through from the racetrack, approximately 15 minutes before the start of a race, every bookmaker reverts to offering the same prices. We don't want to be governed by a number of small bookmakers at the track so we try to offer our own unique prices where we will offer better value and bet to lower margins than the industry standard. If you regularly like to bet at race time, look for the Black Type on Oddschecker to see where we stand out.

    ....so probably worth a look at how their odds on racing and other sports stack up against other bookies. They are listed on oddschecker so easy to do that.

    Any thoughts welcome...
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  2. Punter

    Punter Moderator

    Both Blacktype and Royal Panda gone bump this week.

    Royal Panda had a shite platform anyway but Blacktype had turned out to be a decent bookie. Good odds, good Casino.
  3. slick

    slick Administrator

    Can't say I've heard of either of them mate:embarassed

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    I think I might have money in blacktype . I’ll check when I get in. Thought I was doing too fucking well lately for the gambling gods to ignore me

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    According to racing post funds are safe and someone is taking them over
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