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Discussion in 'Book Talk' started by winrew, May 2, 2013.

  1. winrew

    winrew GILF

    Ex comic book writer turned author , wrote a few books aimed at the teenage market.
    His last two books , I Hunt Killers and Game , are more for the adult market.

    Rattled through the pair of them in three night shifts last week , said it before about other books , but they are the best books i have come across for many a day...

    I cannot recommend them enough to fans of dark thrillers , also quite funny in parts.
    I cant really say much about Game ( the 2nd one ) as it would spoil the first book ...
  2. slick

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    I'll take it on your say so Win's.
    I ain't read a book in Donkeys' but could do with a decent read, where do I download them from? as I know you wouldn't pay for fcuk all.
  3. winrew

    winrew GILF

    Cheeky sod , but having said that .....

    I use Bitlord ( download manager ) i then have to use Opera ( Browser ) as my ISP has blocked isohunt , piratebay etc etc ...

    Just open Opera , enable Turbo , its around the bottom section of the browser , this then bypasses the block that most ISP have put on.
    Then get yourself Calibre ( free ) this enables you to download any format , EPUB , MOBI etc etc , it automatically converts it for your Kindle / Nook / IPad...
    Simple really...:)

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