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Free Cash Komp week 18, 1–4th December 2017

Discussion in 'FREE CASH KOMP 2017/18' started by Punter, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. rcgills

    rcgills Moderator

    Week 18 final scores:

    Howson 7.4 (draws at Bournemouth, Watford, WBA)
    Topdog 6.5 (Dundee, Macclesfield, Barrow)
    Newman 5.25 (Macclesfield, Reading, Wrexham)
    ODM 1.12 (Liverpool, Derby, Celtic, Man City)
    RCgills 1.0 (Cardiff)
    Punter 1.0 (Wrexham)
    Traeth 1.0 (Cardiff)
    Winrew 0.85 (Preston)
    Nawoo 0
    Kegman 0
    Slick 0

    Week 18 table:

    1. ODM 82.14
    2. Topdog 66.14
    3. Newman 56.60
    4. Traeth 55.35
    5. Rcgills 53.90
    6. Winrew 52.01
    7. Howson 48.67
    8. Nawoo 43.58
    9. Punter 40.82
    10. Kegman 38.85
    11. Slick 32.20

    Top weekly scorer: ODM 17.44pts (week 8)

    Could this be the week momentum swung back in favour of the chasing pack (albeit a chasing "pack" consisting of just one (Top) dog)? Will ODM's contempt for his rivals cost him? Or are we clutching at straws? Poor week for our leader as he fails to land his short-priced 5-fold, while a high-scoring week for Topdog has him back to within just (yes, just) 16pts.

    Well done to Howson, 3 draws for him giving him the week's top score. And at the bottom ... well, those at the bottom consistently do their bit to make the admin for this competition so easy, for truly a score of 0 is a thing of beauty, and for that I thank them.

    Check your scores :thumb
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