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Its Impossible to make long-Term Profits from Antepost Accumulators

Discussion in 'The Glory Hole' started by hotspur, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. hotspur

    hotspur Active Member

    A few weeks ago I said that I had important news.

    Now lets not argue about whether in fact this is important.It certainly is to me and it should be to Thundercelt.

    Tony Ansell is one of the most respected and successful Professional gamblers in the country.

    He has made a profit of £3 million from betting on sports including £750,000 from Scottish football in 4 years.

    He works 60 hours a week at finding value and employs a team of students to help him.Bookmakers employ people to locate his fake accounts .

    And I have proof that he believes its IMPOSSIBLE for antepost accumulators to be profitable long-term

    Now,obviously,he doesnt mean that you cant make a profit in any one season.

    After all,suppose this season your first bet had been Watford promotion,Pterborough

    promotion,Chesterfield promotion and Aberdeen without Celtic for lets say 2% of your bank.

    Well,then youd already be on the way to an overall profit and all these teams were heavily tipped.

    In any season where the tipped teams do well youd expect people to profit from multiples IF they are sensible.

    But what happens when its an unpredictable season?

    Now,as you know,I think he is wrong.

    And Im actually gobsmacked that hes said its impossible.

    Because I inferred that he has no idea that for many years it was relatively simple to make profits from betting each-way in antepost markets.

    Theres a lot of things I could say about this but it would make this an unnecessarily long post.

    I may add something at a later date but for now I needed to make this thread because

    a) I am on record here as stating that this is the best way to bet and that its how I make a living.

    Its only fair that I point out that a well-known pro gambler completely disagrees.

    b) I personally see this as a massive opportunity for EVERYONE-especially everyone on betnod.

    If anyone on here believes Mr Ansell is wrong then all you have to do is start your own thread on here

    and do antepost accumulators.

    Of course making a profit for one season isnt going to change his mind.

    But itd be a beginning.

    Betnod is the only place on the internet that Im aware of where this subject is even being discussed/has a serious thread.

    You have an advantage over almost everyone else because Wayne showed you how its done.

    And Thundercelt is doing likewise.

    Now,Im not expecting anyone to actually start a thread but I myself will be going all out to encourage

    as many people as possible to try to prove Ansell wrong.Im simply letting you in on it,thats all.

    If anyone does start a thread,good luck.

    (edited to say,I probably wont read any posts on this thread as I dont see that theres anything more for me to say for the time being at least.If anyone wants to see the proof for any reason pm me.thanks)

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    I did start reading that but I wish I hadn't.

    Any chance of bullet-pointing it for those of us who get bored easily? What I seemed to get was some bloke I never heard of who says he makes a profit gambling says something can't be done.

    If that's the case, it's not proof of anything at all and neither is a few people on a forum trying to do it for a season.

    Maybe I've got it wrong.

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