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Your Most Memorable Bets

Discussion in 'Betting Talk' started by kompressaur, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. kompressaur

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    Ive been thinking about this regarding some 'project' that im up to. Let me see how many meorable bets i remember. Feel free to add your own.....

    1. Backing Liverpool to win the European Cup/champs League in about 2005. I had a dream about them winning it about xmas time. I had a few quid on them at 16/1. My nephew who was about 7 at the time, came to mine to watch the game as his mum was out on the piss. 3-0 down at half time and even then i said to him 'this aint over yet' I HAD faith in my dream. We all know what happened after that and i collected a tidy sum and bought my nephew a new game for his xbox. He's been a Liverpool fan ever since.
    2. World Cup 2010. The morning of the 3rd place play off. Forlan had great world cup for uruguay and was 28/1 to win player of the tournie. Villa of Spain was 2/1 fav. I reasoned that if forlan had a great 3rd place play off and Villa failed to perform then the 28/1 was worth a punt. Forlan scored in the play off and Villa had a stinker. forlan got it at a great price.
    3. Bayern Munich to win the champs League 1999. everyone was on Man U but i couldnt get away from the 2/1 on Bayern. I was sick with the late equaliser. when Man U got the 2d in injury tie i didnt are about my bet as i had just seen something a bit special.
    4. Turkey to win the Eurovision song contest in about 2006. Me and Slick where on them at 25/1. The voting was sporadic as ever and on what i thought was the last vite Turkey got next to nowt and it was Denmarks title. I went to the loo all depressed. My wee nephew came running through and said 'uncle komp theres another country still to vote. I think Denmark got 10pts and unbelievably turkey got 12pts and won it by not much at all. Me and my nephew danced liked a pair of turks when they played the song again at the end. He got his promised 'big toy' and i didnt give a shit about what little i had left of my giro.
    5. Back in 1992 i had moved back to scotland and was skint. I asked my mum for 2 quid for a bet which she begrudgingly gave me. Man we didnt even have Teletext on the tely so i was phoning the local bookie asking for the results. dont forget maria lost at 7/1, Mediator won at 10/1, Second Chance won at 14/1, warm spell the old mud lover won at 11/2, i had another big priced winner which i forget. anyhow suffice to say i had won bout 200 quid for my 1.75 bet (35x5p trebles). I went to the shop o watch the last race. Meandmetoo 20/1. 5f sprint. I had taken the price but he went off at 10/1. lead all the way before the fav caught hi on the line. the whole bookies thought i had won though. I was dreaming about trips to thailand (yes back then) sadly he lost but i was effectively loaded.
    6. Cool Ground in the 1990 gold cup at 25/1 brings back fond memories as i was right into my jumps back then and followed for daily. Watched him beat errrr something Oak a few weeks before.
    7. In 2001 i had 50p to my name one saturday. I0 x 5p trebles. Every team won inc a late winner for ayr v Morton in a 4-3 game. wort price on my line was 5/2 and best Portsmouth at 6/1. I got about 80 quid back and went out on the randan. Back then you used to have to wait till a monday to get your saturday football returns but they paid me out that night with muh pleading. I bought a bottle of vodka and ended up having a great night with a beautifull lady in a masion house. It was so emoved from my usual saturday night of skintness.
    8. Meet The Folkes @ 66/1 in a four horse race. Martin pipe the trainer and scudamore on board. I couldnt work out how these 2 managed to have a horse at the price in a four horse race. won it easy and imprinted itself on my mind.
    9. Bahri 7/2. Giro day for me in a shared DSS bedsit. I woke up and the name Barry came to mind to me as i woke up. I laughed to myself as it made no sense. when i went to the bookies i saw the name Bahri and stuck 20 quid on it. He was up against a french raider Charnwood forest at goodwood (i think). Anyhow i went back to my bedsit and took my caravan black and white tv to the bathroom for my first bath that summer. Carson was on Bahri and he took bahri to the other side of the course fro all the other horses and lost a load of lengths. Carson admitted afterwards that he had walked the course and found the ground under the trees to be a lot better than the rest. He finished with a rattle and i got drink and drugs for the whole of my flat.
    Im sure ive got many more, as you will have. Just wanted to get them out me.

    anyone else got any memorable bets theyve had to share?

  2. Punter

    Punter Moderator

    I'll have to have a think about mine at work tomorrow Komp'

    There isn't many though!

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